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Disposable electronic cigarette SKL-Y

Date:Oct 14, 2022

Showcase of new disposable devices: SKL-Y disposable e-cigarette

Одноразовая-электронная-сигарета SKL-Y

Disposable electronic cigarette skl-Y

Vape уя The device has a concise and simple appearance, battery and significant autonomy.электронная-сигарета SKL-Y

vape skl-Y

Disposable device skl-Y Disposable Kit Has a rectangular streamlined plastic body with a soft-touch coating. The new design is simple and offers 24 flavors.

Disposable electronic cigarette SKL-Y

In the battery pack of the electronic cigarette device, the manufacturer places a small capacity battery - 600 mAh. These devices support battery charging through a modern connector located on the end. In this case, the maximum current will not be reported. Disposables fire automatically when the user takes a puff. The built-in pod comes with a protective cap, a 15ml e-liquid reservoir and a mesh coil. The autonomy of one such device reaches 6000 puff

E-liquid Capacity :15ml

Nicotine Strength :2%/5%

Puffs :6000puffs

Battery Capacity  :600mah

Resistance:  1.1 Ohm

Size  :103*30.5*21mm

Material :PCTG+PC

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